Vaccinium vitis idaea l

Vaccinium vitis idaea l

Citation: maiz-tome, l 2016 vaccinium vitis-idaea the iucn red list of threatened species 2016: et18748884a78457217 downloaded on 09 february 2018. Vaccinium vitis-idaea is an evergreen shrub growing to 03 m (1ft) by 1 m (3ft 3in) at a medium rate it is hardy to zone (uk) 5 it is in leaf 12-jan it is in. Effects of tannins source (vaccinium vitis idaea l) on rumen microbial fermentation in vivo. Vaccinium notes on subspecies and varieties in new england our subspecies is vaccinium vitis-idaea l ssp minus (lodd) vaccinium vitis-idaea l.

Vaccinium vaccinium vitis-idaea json vaccinium vitis-idaea l cowberry species participating in a survey for species like vaccinium vitis-idaea l. Vaccinium: especie: v vitis-idaea l 1753: el arándano rojo (vaccinium vitis-idaea) es una planta perenne de la familia de las ericáceas, nativa de eurasia y. Vaccinium vitus-idaea l homonyms vaccinium vitis-idaea l common names preiselbeere in language preiselbeere in german preiselbeere in. The plant list does not attempt to include all infraspecific taxa further information the following databases may contain further information on this name. Description of vaccinium vitis-idaea l subsp minus (lodd) hultén, generated from a delta database.

Vaccinium vitis-idaea l subsp minus (g lodd) hultÉn (ericaceae), an overlooked circumpolar-arctic taxon of the alps by elias landolt resumen. Borówka brusznica (vaccinium vitis-idaea l), nazywana także borówką czerwoną – gatunek rośliny wieloletniej z rodziny wrzosowatych (ericaceae. Britton, nl, and a brown 1913 an illustrated flora of the northern united states, canada and the british possessions 3 vols charles scribner's sons, new york.

  • The wild lingonberry (vaccinium vitis-idaea l var minus lodd) industry in north america paul a hendrickson government of newfoundland and labrador.
  • Sect vitis-idaea vaccinium vitis-idaea l – partridgeberry, cowberry, redberry, red whortleberry, or lingonberry (northern north america and eurasia.
  • Vaccinium vitis-idaea belongs to the flowering plants group.
  • Identification of phenolic compounds from lingonberry (vaccinium vitis-idaea l), bilberry (vaccinium myrtillus l) and hybrid bilberry (vaccinium x intermedium ruthe.
  • Hybrids between vaccinium vitis-idaea and vaccinium myrtillus, named vaccinium × intermedium ruthe references ↑ the plant list, vaccinium vitis-idaea l.

El arándanu coloráu (vaccinium vitis-idaea) ye una planta perenne de la familia de les ericácees (probablemente l'arándanu vaccinium myrtillus). Vaccinium vitis-idaea l myrtillus exigua bubani rhodococcum vitis-idaea avrorin vaccinium français: airelle rouge, vaccinium vitis-idaea vitis. Sous-espèce vaccinium vitis-idaea subsp vitis-idaea l , 1753 classification phylogénétique classification phylogénétique ordre ericales famille ericaceae l. Lingon vaccinium vitis-idaea l svenska synonym: kröson tyttebær tyttebær puolukka rauðberjalyng cowberry preiselbeere beskrivning.

Vaccinium vitis idaea l
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